From Philadelphia to Los Angeles

The first time I remember looking up at the heavens and losing all sense of perception of the world around me there was no sky. The stars had burned out. The moon no longer illuminated the night. For my eyes could only fixate on the majesty that loomed before and above me. Blacking out the heavens and letting me know God was everywhere, right here, right now. His mighty trunk spewing from the earth, rough and hard with time. His powerful arms spreading over the world he created over all of us, protecting and providing with his luscious abundance of beauty. He was firm, he was wise, he was a giant. He was Sequoia. 

In front of the General Sherman Tree.

Revisiting Sequoia in early 2017.

Revisiting Sequoia in early 2017.

At that moment I knew for a fact that imagination was reality. There was no way around it. No way of avoiding this behemoth amongst a vast army of other giants. In the land of California. 

That was 20 years ago. Twenty years dreaming about that foreign place. As I grew older and I began to discover the world the thought of endless summers warmed my soul thousands of miles away as I peered through windows on dreary November days in Philadelphia. To me California was untamed, sure I dream of beaches, blondes and surf but there was another side of Cali that I secretly knew. A side that one day I swore I'd revisit.

This is my journey. From Philadelphia to Los Angeles and inevitably the world in a frantic Odyssey to never grow up and see the world as my playground. This was my promise to myself that the adventure I've been dreaming about since I was a child was indeed real and just a road trip away....