Matthew Nadu


On this journey of life, we tend to forget the entire world is waiting for our exploration. From surfing the waves of Costa Rica, island hopping in the Philippines, fish head eating in Japan, cenote diving in Mexico, to sunset yoga on the California coast, I've made it my mission to wander the world and document the adventures for all to experience. Whether it's creating documentaries, music videos, features or even motivational shorts for Instagram, it's nearly impossible for me to settle down in one place. I've always been fascinated by the lives of visionary creatives such as Ernest Hemingway. As a former sports columnist turned actor, producer and host, I migrated west from Philadelphia to my new home on a 34' sailboat in Los Angeles.


In the process, I've been blessed enough to explore 43 of the 50 states, trek nine countries, four continents and crush more taco-stand carnitas than I'm willing to admit. All the while, I've learned the world can be yours when you max out enough credit cards to go around this glorious globe five times over. Anyone can galavant alone, but why limit your experiences when there's so many new relationships to be made? Let's create somewhere - anywhere! Pura Vida!

-Matthew F. Nadu

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